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Oxford Therapy Supplies Reflexology Charts, Books and DVDs from Oxford Therapy Supplies
A wide range of Reflexology foot charts, hand charts and text books from reflexology specialists.

Oxford Therapy Supplies, and our sister company Oxford School of Reflexology, handles UK orders for reflexology books, charts and other products on behalf of some of the world's leading names in Reflexology. See below for details of books and charts from Ann Gillanders, Tony Porter, Inge Dougans, the Pacific Institute of Reflexology and more!

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Inge Dougans

Inge Dougans is the founder of the International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy (IARAMT) in South Africa, as well as a leading author on Reflexology and the Meridians.

Disposables for reflexology hygieneA1 Wall Charts from IARAMT
Full-colour high-quality reflexology charts in A1 wall size, showing either Reflexology Foot Points, Meridians, Five Elements, or Acupuncture Points.
These are the charts which are used in training by students at IARAMT and at Oxford School of Reflexology in the UK.
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Reflexology and Meridians Presentation File
An A4 presentation folder containing charts of reflexology foot points, meridians, and five elements information. Ideal for your own reference or training, or showing clients exactly what is going on.
This includes all the information from the Reflexology, Meridians and Five Elements charts, but in a format you can pack away in your records bag. At £38.00, it comes in significantly cheaper than buying the three wall charts.
Click here for a larger picture of the contents of the presentation file!

British School of Reflexology

British School of Reflexology Hand and Foot Point Charts
There are three main products featuring the BSR foot and hand charts: an A1 full-size wall charts of foot reflexology points, a slightly smaller chart for hand reflexology, and a stiff folding "wallet-size" foot point chart, ideal for handing out to clients.
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Ann Gillanders

Ann Gillanders and British School of Reflexology
We handle the product and book sales for renowned reflexologist Ann Gillanders. You can see the full range of her books, and reflexology charts and treatment products from British School of Reflexology, by clicking here.
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FREE BOOK by Ann Gillanders!
Special offer - spend over £20 on any books or charts by Ann Gillanders, and we will include her inspiring autobiography "No Mean Feat" free of charge! (Normal price £4.50.)
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Essential Guide to Hand and Foot Reflexology
An essential handbook of reflexology for all those interested in complementary therapies.
Wonderfully clear diagrams illustrate techniques, reflex areas on both the feet and hands, and the positions of the therapist's hands for working these areas.
This is a big, solid textbook. Bound into the book and clearly showing areas discussed, are two full colour charts: Foot Reflexology Chart and Hand Reflexology Chart. Price £16.00.


Spare parts for Lafuma reclinersFamily Guide to Reflexology
From birth to old age...
Ann Gillanders explains how to deal with both emotional and physical conditions relating to the family, including stress factors, using the healing art of Reflexology.
This practical guide to safe, holistic healing with Reflexology includes: Complete Reflexology sessions on the feet & hands; Treating common problems in babies and young children; Top-to-toe treatments for the prevention or relief of everyday complaints in adults; Managing stressful situations; Support strategies - including massage, meditation, aromatherapy and herbalism; Self-help techniques: working on your own hands; Colour maps of the reflex points on hands and feet; Step-by-step working drawings, with simple clear, illustrations.
Illustrated in full colour - 144 pages. Price £11.99.

Reflexology for Women by Ann GillandersReflexology for Women
This book deals with all disorders affecting women during all stages of their life. In particular it includes advice on treating infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovaries, the menopause, etc., and useful tips on how to use reflexology to treat these conditions.
Fully illustrated throughout, the book also includes special new foot charts showing specific reflexology points for the relief of many problems that affect women in particular. Price £12.99.



Tony Porter and ART

ART DVDTony Porter's new instructional DVD
The "Advanced Reflexology Techniques" DVD covers Tony's unique reflexology treatment techniques, explained in his inimitable style, with an introduction by Maureen Lipman.
You can buy this DVD if you are unable to attend one of Tony's regular seminars - or even if you can, but would like some revision in between.
Tony's DVD retails at £35.99, which includes delivery within the UK.

Looking for ART Foot Balm, also known as ART Cream? Click here!

Also Recommended...

Reflexology for Cats book Human Body Cube Book
This little cube book is fantastic for learning Anatomy and Physiology if you find that what you are reading in a normal book just isn't sinking in.
It's difficult to explain how these work, and no picture does it justice - but in short, you turn it over and over and fold it in and out and round, and each time you get a different face with a different system of the body showing. Ideal for fiddling and learning at the same time!
These cost £5.99, and we really recommend them.

Understanding Reflexology bookUnderstanding Reflexology
A slim, lightweight, very handy overview of "everything you need to know about reflexology" - now in the much-improved second edition produced with substantial input from OSR!
At just £1.99, this is ideal for clinics or therapists who want to lend (or even give) clients something to read on the therapy, or for potential students who have yet to make up their minds whether they want to learn.

And best of all, a single book is free to post!

Reflexology for Cats book Reflexology and Other Natural Therapies... for Cats
Do you know a therapist who is also a cat lover?
We weren't sure about this at all when we first heard about it - but it is well written and far more sensible than it might sound!
"Reflexology for Cats is the first book to provide practical instruction on reflexology for felines, using specific touch techniques on the paws, face and outer ears. Included are other holistic therapies for your cat: Acupressure; Moxibustion; Bach Flower Remedies; Craniosacral Therapy; Holistic Pulsing and Reiki."
This book is well illustrated, with detailed charts of paws and ears showing the reflex points and techniques. It is dotted with paw prints and photographs of cats throughout.
Price £12.50. A delightful 'must have' for cat lovers and Reflexologists alike!

Inner Light Reflexology Charts - tough laminated A4 charts
Inner Light from the USA make the "Rainbow" range of highly visual reflexology hand and foot point charts, as well as the mini "wallet" charts on reflexology and other topics.
Being American, these charts are "not quite" A4 - but close enough to fit in most normal clip frames. But you might not need to frame them at all - they are printed on both sides of plastic sheets for durability and long life.
And more good news - postage on these charts is free!



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