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Oxford Therapy Supplies Complete Spares Service for Lafuma Recliners
Specialists in Lafuma products for therapies and the home.

This page gives full details on the spare and replacement parts available for Lafuma recliners, RSX and RSXA.

Oxford Therapy Supplies provides all available spare parts for Lafuma recliners - from stock for the most popular parts, or on order from the manufacturer for more obscure spares.

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Lafuma Spares In Stock

We have been supplying Lafuma recliners to therapists and the public since the late 1990s. Over that time we have built up a huge amount of experience with the chairs, and seen many customers return years after buying one to ask if a worn or broken part can be replaced. Because the thing about Lafuma recliners is they are so durable that they keep on going for ever - and whatever minor problem might arise it is usually easy to fix!

So come to us if your Lafuma is so well enjoyed that it needs a little attention, and we can advise you on how best to go on making the most of your purchase. See this column for commonly-requested spare and replacement parts, and over on the right for some of the more unusual ones.

Spare parts for Lafuma reclinersReplacement Elastic Laces for Lafuma Recliners and Loungers
This is the most commonly ordered replacement part for Lafuma loungers and recliners - the recliners last so long, there is plenty of demand for replacement laces after they have been enjoyed for a few years.

The laces come in black, green, or white. At the moment white is one of the most popular colours because it is used on the paler Batyline RSXA recliners - but It's not compulsory to stick to the original colour laces on your recliner!

Laces are available in single or double packs (to re-string two recliners at once and save on postage).

Click here for more information and to order.

Spare parts for Lafuma reclinersReplacement "Canvas" for Padded Lafuma Recliners
If your recliner is so very ancient that the central padded part is worn out, it is possible to replace it. Canvases are available for both the RSX padded and RSXA Batyline recliners.

Replacement canvases cost £39.99, and if you are buying them together with other spares (like the laces to fit them, for instance), you should find it does not increase the postage cost at all.

Click here for more information and to order.

Spare parts for Lafuma reclinersTouch-Up Paint Kit for Lafuma Chairs and Recliners
It should be a long time before you need one of these little retouching kits. What you get is a small pot of paint with a brush inside the lid, colour matched to the main Lafuma frame colours. It's not cheap (in fact we have asked Lafuma why it can't be cheaper), but this together with some of our other spare parts is an excellent way of smartening up an old or tired-looking Lafuma recliner or chair.

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Spare parts for Lafuma reclinersTorx T-25 Screwdriver for Lafuma Recliners
This is a Torx screwdriver that fits those cunning little fasteners on the arms of Lafuma recliners. We'd never come across these before we started stocking Lafumas, and apparently the only other application for them is fixing disc brakes on mountain bikes!

This is the piece of kit you need if your Lafuma has a screw loose and you want to tighten it up a bit, or to replace or re-fit any of the levers or brackets under the arms. Costs £6.50.

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Non-Listed Lafuma Spare Parts

On this page you can see all the spare parts for Lafuma recliners which are popular enough for us to hold them in stock. But there are many more bits and pieces that you can replace on a Lafuma recliner, and we have regular enquiries from people who have broken a part on their recliner but don't want to replace the whole chair.

So the picture of an RSXA recliner below is a link to a diagram of a recliner, produced by Lafuma, showing the names and code numbers of all the replacement parts that are actually available. If you have broken a bit, and it is on this diagram, you can use the code numbers to tell us exactly what you need.

Lafuma reclinersClick Here for Recliner Spare Parts Diagram
This is a PDF file, which will open in a new window. If you have any difficulty opening it, feel free to contact us and we can e-mail it to you.

Please note this diagram refers to the Lafuma RSX chair, but many of the spares are also correct for the Batyline RSXA recliner.


  1. If the spare part is shown on this diagram, this means it definitely exists - but some of the more unusual parts have to be ordered from France, so there can be quite a delay in getting hold of them! It is a good idea to order well in advance if you need something which we have not already listed in the left-hand column on this page.
  2. The spares shown on the diagram are for the current generation of Lafuma recliners, and may be a bit different to what you need if your recliner is more than about 5-6 years old. If in doubt, contact us!


To order spare parts shown on the Lafuma diagram, if they are not already listed on our spare parts ordering page here, give us a call on 01865 876 650 or e-mail us with the details at We can take payment by credit card, cheque, or cash if you come to collect in person.

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Open 0930-1700 on weekdays, other times sometimes possible by appointment.

Other Accessories

PLEASE NOTE - for spares and accessories, delivery within the UK is free if you order at the same time as a Lafuma Recliner! We use courier delivery for all recliner orders within the UK mainland. You can find the full range of Lafuma recliners here.

Spare parts for Lafuma reclinersReplacement Rubber "Horseshoe" Feet for Lafuma Chairs and Recliners
These are the little parts which clip to the bottom of the recliner legs to keep the metal parts off the ground. If your recliner suddenly goes a bit wobbly, you may have lost one! Available (usually) in white and black.

Click here for more information and to order.

Spare parts for Lafuma reclinersReplacement Headrests for Lafuma Chairs and Recliners
Headrests are available for both the padded recliners (in Green and Navy) and the Batyline recliners (in Seigle). Other colours can be ordered in if required, but please note there is no guarantee that we will be able to match some of the older discontinued recliner patterns.

Click here for more information and to order.

Spare parts for Lafuma reclinersDrinks and Nibbles Holder for Lafuma Chairs and Recliners
This is a little tray with a depression to hold a glass or mug, which clips sturdily onto the legs of a Lafuma recliner at just the right position for your arm to reach it naturally.
For the truly indolent, it saves reaching over and bending down to find somewhere on the floor to put your drinks and nibbles. And, of course, for reflexologists, it means you no longer need to worry about kicking your client's glass of water over!
These now come in an elegant dark grey colour, rather than the cream as shown in the picture - it's a better match for the recliner frames, we find.

Spare parts for Lafuma reclinersTowelling Covers for Lafuma Chairs and Recliners
This is a tailor-made towelling cover in dark grey, which slips over the head of a standard size recliner and drapes over it to protect it.
It's not elasticated, but fits securely at the head end. We have also found that although it's a tight fit, these will just about fit on the XL recliners too. Some therapists prefer to buy these in triple packs - one on, one ready, and one in the wash.

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